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Christmas Cracker Snaps
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Madder Root - Ground
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Enter the code: ashford at the checkout to get 20% off Ashford Products.

We successfully shut down our shop in Normans Road, Christchurch after 40 years of happy trade.  I have now semi-retired after devoting my life to Hands Ashford which I am extremely grateful.

‘We love Ashford’s, we are family' was our moto. But we are very sad to say we are no longer part of the Ashford family. Ashford’s NZ took advantage of us when we closed our shop and didn’t renew our contract.  They have set up their own retail on-line store and took our business and my family away.

So on wards and up wards for us with a very heavy heart. Thank you to my father, Walter Ashford who set up the Ashford’s brand

To celebrate we are having a 20% off sale for selected Ashford products .

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Knit Pro - Wool Winder
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Indigo Tie Dye Kit
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Introduction to Dyeing Kit
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Knit Pro Stitch Ring Markers
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New Knit Pro Split Ring Marker
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New Knit Pro Locking Stitch Markers
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New Sheepskin Slipper Soles + Free Pattern 4 sizes
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Ball Winder
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Beeswax Pellets - Refined White
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Damar Resin Crystals
  • $8.90
  • $8.00
Aluminium Acetate
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Tannin Extract
  • $8.50
Indigo Powder Natural
  • $8.90

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Hi. Thank you very much for the attending to my order for blue Perle Cotton thread so promptly. It arrived on Saturday.  Great service. 

Thank you Barbara G.

Hi Ladies

Thank you very much I received my metallic silver threads this morning in the mail.

A great service.

Have an enjoyable day.

Regards Dianne Adams

Thank you for your prompt service, I received my order today ☺️

Kind regards, Catherine