Christmas Chocolate Making

Chocolates are very easy to make these days. These chocolates have been made using the chocolate melts and moulds we sell instore at Hands Craft Store.

 Step 1: Melt the chocolate. For each mould set, about 3/4 cup of chocolate was put into a a pyrex measuring jug and melted in the microwave using 15 second bursts (so the chocolate was not over melted). Stir to get an even consistency.

Step 2: Pour into moulds using a teaspoon or similar. 

Step 3: Tap mould on bench several times to get the chocolate to settle and release air bubbles.

Step 4: Pop mould into freezer for 5 minutes to set.

Step 5: Push chocolates out of mould. They should release easily once set.

It is that easy. You will just need to make lots to allow for testing along the way!

If you wish to add colour, add powder colouring into melted white chocolate. Start with a small sprinkling and add more to increase the depth of colour. Be aware you are mixing your colour with white so red dye will give you pink.

Happy chocolate making!

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