Easy Christmas Cards

Cardmaking does not have to be complicated. It is amazing what you can create with just the most basic materials.

Here are a couple of ideas:

Washi tape or similar fancy tapes:

Stick 4 lengths of different tapes on a piece of card approx 6cm x9cm (Can be easier to put the tape down and then cut your piece of card). On the back of the card cut three triangles – one should be upside down but you can make endless variations at this point. Glue the triangles onto your card and use foam tape to make one stand out from the others. Corner rounders and a bit of knotted ribbon finish the look of the card.

Basic 3D Card:

Find a scrapbooking paper with a repeating pattern. Cut out three layers of the same design with a bit less of the pattern on each layer. For this tree, the bottom layer is the full tree, the middle layer has two top branches less and the top layer is just the bottom branch. Foam squares are placed between the bottom and middle layer and then the last branch has foam again on it to make it stand out even further. The backing for this card is gift wrap with a detail of punched paper. Again this card has been trimmed with a corner rounder and a small gold star sticker finishes the top of the tree.

Of course, all products in this blog are available from Hands :)

Just a couple of other ideas for washi and fancy tape… mini bunting for cards & small Christmas trees and decorating pegs (with some magnetic tape on the other side) so they will hold messages on your fridge :) Easy as!!!

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