Happy Easter

We had a staff challenge at Hands to decorate either a real or polystyrene easter egg and here are some of the ideas that we came up with.

Anne is our talented natural dyer and came up with these stunning eggs using onion skin and walnut hull dyeing. Here are her instructions:

1.  Blow eggs, rinse and let dry.

2.  Wrap onion skins or walnut hulls around egg. Wrap in pantihose and secure tightly.

3.  Simmer 30-40 minutes, cool and unwrap.

4.  Paint with a waterbase gloss varnish.

For the batik variations, melt candle wax and paint onto egg surface for a resist. Simmer very gently or leave several days for dye to colour egg. Remove resist by washing in hot water.


Sarah decorated these real egg shells using paint and serviette decoupage, showing that broken egg shells can also look beautiful.

As for the other ideas, Helen had these great ways to disguise poly eggs as chickens (apart from the chick made from pom-poms and pipe cleaners).

Tedge felted this gorgeous egg using a poly egg as a base, and then needlefelting carded wool over the top.

Here are a couple of painted eggs, a detailed one from Tracey complete with hanger and a great one for the kids involving some paper mache and dimensional paints.

Have a great Easter and hope you feel inspired to create something!

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