Decoupaged Plaster Hearts

You will need:

  • Plaster of paris
  • Water
  • A mould
  • Mixing container & stick
  • Serviette
  • Mod podge – matt or gloss finish
  • 1″ width brush
  • Metal triangle hanger

Start by mixing up some plaster of paris with cold water and pour into a suitable mould. I measured the water amount in the mould, poured it into a mixing container then added enough powder to make a thick cream consistency. Could have mixed up a bit less as I had enough for another half mould left over. Tap the mould to help let air bubbles come to surface.

Let set for a day or two depending on size then remove from mould. (No mould release required from this sort of mould).

Prepare serviette by removing the back two layers. This makes it easier for the glue to get through the serviette when glueing down, and more pliable. Cut the serviette slightly larger than you will need to allow for going over the back.

Paste some glue onto the heart, then using the brush, push the serviette down onto the glued heart. Don’t use too much force or you will break through the serviette. Keep adding glue and pushing the serviette onto heart until covered. Don’t worry about it creasing, this adds to the character of the piece. If you do make a tear, cut or rip out a flower or similar piece and just glue it over the top. This is one of the joys of decoupage – being able to disguise mistakes :)

Once dry, turn the edges underneath and trim to an even overlap. Glue down. You may want to cover the whole back with serviette. With my sample, I trimmed a strip of serviette and glued this around the edge to finish. Either paste another layer of mod podge over the top (acts as a sealer) or varnish to finish surface. Glue a metal hanger on the back with an epoxy glue. All finished!!!

Of course all products are available from Hands and classes in this technique are available :)