Paper streamers with a difference!

These are an easy to make project that can be used for parties or year round as decorations. All you need is a sewing machine, some paper or lightweight card and some scissors.

Step one:

Choose your design – could be leaves, birds, flowers, boats… in this case we are using letters to spell the words Happy Birthday. If you are using a design from the computer, you can transfer the image onto your paper or card by using graphite paper (works as a carbon paper). Cut out all your pieces.

Step two:

Thread up your sewing machine. You can use different colours on top and underneath… they will twist together so a contrast is fun! Leave long ends of your thread to start with and then sew through your first letter. Holding this letter firm, keep stitching so the threads twist together, then add in your next letter (for words about 1/2 inch- 1 inch between letters is good). Alter the angle the piece is stitched on and continue in this manner. The randomness is part of the design. You will want to leave a longer space between words.

Step three:

Once you have got to the end of your piece, leave some more long threads at the end. Tie a button or charm onto this end to act as a hanging weight. Tie the top threads into a hanging loop.

All done!

You can vary designs, which way you stitch, or even using punches like this Martha Stewart Butterfly. Have fun!

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