Needle Felted Christmas Decorations

Needle felting is an easy, affordable and fun craft for boys, girls, teens and adults. Everyone that tries it loves the colours and textures that can be achieved. This technique can be used to embellish clothing and make flat & 3D items. The main tool for this craft is the special needle that is barbed. It is these barbs that lock the fibres together and although this sounds dangerous, most children are quite controlled when they use such a needle. You will have just as much fun as your children if you try this together.

You will need:

  • Needlefelting needle
  • Small amount of carded wool or sliver  (about a handful)
  • Small foam block
  • Cookie cutter
  • Optional: thread, cord or ribbon to hang your decoration


1. Place cookie cutter on block of foam and then fill with carded wool. Do not cut the wool, just pull the fibres apart to make smaller pieces.

    2. Push the barbed needle through the wool into the foam block and continue this “jabbing” motion. The needle needs to go straight up and down otherwise you may break the needle. You will see the fibre start to felt down into the mould onto the foam. Make sure you work into any corners. You can add more bits of fibre at any stage to fill in gaps.

    3. Once the wool has felted down a bit, lift the cutter and gently pull the felting of the foam. This is important so the felt does not fuse with the foam! 

      4. Flip it over and put back into the cutter and needle felt more.

      5. Once it is finished you can add decoration by needlefelting on small dots and even yarn can be needled on to make thin lines. You can also sew or glue on beads.

      6. If you wish to hang up your decoration, thread cord or ribbon through top of your decoration with a needle.

        We have lots of samples in store, a great range of supplies & kits and are more than happy to demonstrate this very versatile craft @ Hands! A range of these kits are available on our website too.
        PS. Please note that a using a cushion instead of foam will not work as the needle will just pull the stuffing out of it!!!

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