Going Crackers!

Crackers are not just for Christmas… how about for Valentines Day, weddings, a birthday, a thank you… any occasion. They are so easy to make and here is how:

You will need:

  • Paper – the firmer it is, the harder it is to make (and pull). Sometimes using a lighter weight paper for the main cracker and a heavier one for decoration can work well.
  • 3 rolls – Some people are happy to use toilet rolls but if you don’t like this idea, baking paper or glad wrap rolls cut up work well or you can make your own rolls out of lightweight card.
  • Cracker Snap
  • Double sided sellotape or glue
  • Ribbon or string
  • Decoration – ribbons, charms, doilies, stamps, tags, etc. Different textures are great!


    1. Use sellotape to stick the cracker snap into one roll. This will make it easier to construct the cracker.

    2. For an average sized cracker, cut your paper to the size of 20cm x45cm. Fold under one long edge to make a neat seam. Place the 3 rolls along the paper, only the inside roll will remain in the cracker. Roll up the paper with the rolls in it. Use double sided tape or glue to fasten along long edge.

    3. Pull the rolls apart (about 6cm) and gather the paper in between the rolls. With a heavier paper, you will need to pinch the paper to pull it together. Tie with a piece of string on one end.

    4. Most important: At this point, put your gift in the cracker!
    5. Repeat the gathering and tie the other end of your cracker.
    6. Push the three rolls together to give your crackers a professional looking crease or with heavier papers you will need to do pinch the creases in with your fingers. Pull the two end rolls out.
    7. Decorate to your hearts content!

    Tip: If your paper is heavier, sew a line of holes through it with an empty sewing machine. This will help make a tear line.

    We have instruction sheets available at Hands which are free with any purchase of cracker snaps, which we sell year round.

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