Create your own Christmas Garland

These are very basic instructions to use to make your own decorated garland using a ready made plain garland as a base but works just the same for a wreath. First you need to pick a theme…

You will need:

  • Plain Christmas pine garland (or snow tipped)
  • Main Ribbon 3-5m
  • Fine ribbon for hanging – 1m
  • Other embellishments such as picks, berries, crystals, artificial flowers and fruit, christmas baubles, old jewellery, etc
  • Glue gun and or florist wire

How to assemble your garland:

1. Open your garland and arrange the branches. Loosely wrap the ribbon around the garland – tuck the ends between some of the end branches and if the ribbon is not wired, hold with some florist wire (so it does not come off when you hang it up).

2. Make a large bow separately and wire it in. It is often easiest to arrange a central point such as large bow and work out from there.

3. Arrange your picks on the garland and once happy with placement, glue into place using a glue gun. Most picks are on wires so can just be wired in if you do not have a glue gun. TIP: If you are unsure about your layout, look through your camera lens as this gives you a slightly different perspective! This works on all sorts of projects from patchwork to mosaic too!

    4. Tie a piece of narrow ribbon on the underside of each end and one in the centre (or where ever your hooks are on the wall!) and make these into loops for hanging. These can be small so they are not seen or larger if you want to make a feature.

    With the example in the photo, crystal garlands were arranged on the completed garland when it was hung. Sometimes less is more with an arrangement such as this but over the top can look fantastic too. Feel free to ask us for advice about what to use if you are having difficulty deciding.  Have fun :)

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