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Please Note: Due to factory closure over the holiday period and increasing demand, some Ashford products have significant delays. ETA will be provided where possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Our official name is Hands Ashford New Zealand and we are extremely loyal to our family brand.

In 1934 Walter Ashford my father founded Ashford Handicrafts Ltd, a company that has become a world leader in the manufacture of quality spinning wheels, weaving looms and textile equipment.

Experience the joy and pleasure of creating your own unique yarns, fabric, garments and homeware using our wheels, carders, looms, fibres and yarns. Relax knowing your crafts are sustainable, renewable and environmentally-friendly.

If we don’t have a product in stock we can have it in store within two days, and we stock the full range of wools, slivers and books. Make sure you collect your free Ashford Wheel magazine when you visit us!

Ashford Wheels and Looms.


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