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Indigo Powder - Pre-Reduced

Indigo Powder - Pre-Reduced - Hands Craft Store
Price: $9.90

This specially formulated indigo is already 60% reduced; therefore it allows you to use Thiourea Dioxide (spectralite) and  soda ash instead of lye in the vat. There is no need to paste up the indigo granules because they dissolve easily in water.

Instructions included.

If you are new to natural dyes you will discover that the process of preparing your natural dyes is as much an art as the finished results. As with anything of this nature it is best to make samples and experiment first.

For a great recipe book, we recommend two books, either The Ashford Book of Dyeing or Colours From Nature: A Dyer's Handbook by Jenny Dean.

Setting up a Pre Reduced Indigo Vat.

Current prices are on our website:


You will need:
  • 20 gms pre-reduced indigo dye     $9.90
  • 150gms reduction agent               $19.90
  • (Thiourea Dioxide) ( Spectralite )
  • 100gms Soda Ash   (200gms $4.00)
  • 18 litres warm water.
Best type of container is a cylinder shape
with tight fitting lid. Bucket.
Poor results with wool fibre.
Disclaimer: Hands takes no responsibility
for untoward results with your dye vat.
CAUTION. Do not ingest. Wear rubber gloves.
Keep out of reach of children.