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Weld Flowers (Chopped Plants)

Weld Flowers (Chopped Plants) - Hands Craft Store
Price: $14.00



(Chopped Plant)

$14.00 per 50gms

Weld produces a wide range of brilliant lemon yellows.

Use 50gms of fabric/fibres mordanted with alum.

Soak the weld in water overnight. Simmer for an hour plus . Do not boil. Cool and strain. Add fibre to dye bath and leave overnight.

For a brighter colour add Chalk, Calcium carbonate 2-4 gms, mixed with boiling water. Add to dye bath.

Refer to: Ashford Book of Dyeing Ann Milner, for dyeing procedures.

 Ashford book of Dyeing by Ann Milner (available on our website)