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Possum Fibre 40gms

hands craft store Possum fibre
Price: $10.00

40gm Bag 
Possum fur’s fibres are hollow, lightweight and good at retaining warmth. The hollow fibre structure means air can be trapped inside the fibre, creating a barrier between the internal warmth of the garment and the garment wearer, against the external cold. Possum fibres are known to be 55% warmer than Merino wool.

Super soft possum fibre cleaned but not yet combed, washed or carded. This fibre is best when blended with other fibres such as Merino and Corriedale wool, Alpaca or silk. We recommend blending 20% possum with 80% other. An absolute dream to spin, card, felt, knit and can be easily dyed or bleached!