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Beeswax Pellets - Yellow

Beeswax Pellets - Yellow - Hands Craft Store
Price: $25.00

Pure beeswax in pellet form. Cosmetic grade.

Yellow Beeswax Pellets for use in candles, lip balm, lotions, moisturisers and more.

A light yellow - yellow colour with a faint odour of honey, becoming soft and pliable when warmed by the hand.

The simple, organic aroma of a candle made from beeswax is very nice and relaxing for both body and mind. They add warmth and beauty to any room.

What else you need to make a candle 

Beeswax Pallets

Cotton candle wicks (we sell these at Hands)

Glass or metal measuring cup
Vegetable oil 
Glass Jars 
Cooking Pot

It is so simple you can give them as gifts or keep them for your home.