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Ashford Raddle Kit

Ashford Raddle Kit - Hands Craft Store
Price: $72.50

For use with Ashford table looms.

Beam your warp quickly, easily and evenly every time with the new, improved raddle kit. Now available for all Ashford table looms.

Full step-by-step instructions in the Learn to weave on a Table loom booklet. Fuss free warping, everything included. The perfect accessory for all Ashford table looms.

Steel pins spaces 12.5mm (1/2in) apart - Centre pin marked

Lacquered Silver Beech hardwood


  • Raddle, 2 steel rings
  • stretchy helping hands
  • Learn to weave on the Table loom booklet
  • 10 cardboard warpsticks.

Choose the size to match your loom.