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Urea - 100gm

Urea is used to swell the cotton in cold dyeing so that the dye molecules can enter the fibre more quickly

Recommended for use with Fiber Reactive Dyes when doing tie-dye, painting, printing and other methods of direct application. Urea is a 'moisture drawing' agent which keeps the fabric damper longer during the curing or fixing process, thereby making for deeper, brighter colors. Fiber Reactive dyes won't "fix" if they dry out!

Urea is also a great dissolving agent and helps dissolve those "stubborn" colors that leave a residue or "freckles" of un-dissolved dye on your work. Just use warm Urea water (1 TBS per Cup) to paste up your dye to get it more thoroughly dissolved. Helps to dissolve more solids into less liquids so great for making the really concentrated solutions you need for tie dye and dye painting, especially the darker colors.