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Cutch Extract

Dye Cutch Extract - Hands Craft Store
Price: $5.90

Cutch Powdered Extract - 30gms

The powder produces a caramel to coffee brown

This powder is an extract prepared from steeping the wood of the Acacia catechu tree in hot water until a syrupy liquid emerges. This is dried and then ground into powder. It is common to most parts of India, Burma, Indonesia and Peru. Cutch extract contains tannin as well as the dye compound catechu. It is easily soluble in water. Cutch has excellent light and washfast properties. Mordants recommended to use with Cutch - The alum mordant yields toffee browns. The addition of iron yields chocolate browns, while a soda ash rinse will redden the cutch colour. Allowing the fibre to cool down and sit in the dyebath overnight will give the darkest shades.