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Fabric Starch

Fabric Starch - Hands Craft Store
Price: $14.00

Starch for fabrics in a handy resealable jar with scoop, makes starching easy with no mess.

Allendale Fabric Starch is completely natural with no chemicals.

Starching adds body and luxury to all your fabrics, Simply mix 3 scoops of Fabric Starch into 5 cups of water and dip the linen. Spin and dry as usual. Iron when still slightly damp to produce a flat starched finish.

Add more water, and you can also spray the starch directly onto fabrics while ironing.

How to use ?
Simply add Fabric Starch to the final rinse of your fabrics, then iron to produce beautiful crisp starch finish.
Can also be mixed with water and sprayed onto fabrics when ironing.