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Lasercut Wooden Shapes - Large

Lasercut Wooden Shapes - Large - Hands Craft Store
Price: $11.00

Lasercut Wooden Shapes - Large Size

These are super fab for a new craft project, they look amazing with fancy paper applied, you can use mod podge and varnishes on them, write on them, use glitters, paints, little gems, just about anything!

You can then apply them to boxes as decorations or hang them on the wall, use them as a Kiwi themed gift for a friend, use them as a craft project for you and your friends or you and your child, make something beautiful together!

Styles & Dimensions:

Open Koru 295mm, Fish Hook No.3 365x215mm, Kiwi 320x300mm, Cross 270x390mm, Fern 395x180mm, Treble Clef 390x155mm, Gecko 450x235mm, Fantail 350x230mnm, Pukeko 310x350mm, Heart, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar