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Clay Pebeo Gede Modelling 5kg

Clay Pebeo Gede Modelling 5kg - Hands Craft Store
Price: $28.00

Pebeo Gede Modelling Clay 5kg

At school there was never enough of this stuff! I remember we got to play with it for a week one time, that was not enough! Clay is so much fun and you can make anything you can imagine with it.

It's a fun activity for you to do at home with your kids, they would love to create castles, dragons, trees, monsters and fairies with Mum & Dad, or even bowls they can paint later.

A great bulk size to purchase if you are purchasing for a school, art group or community group. 

Fine natural clay, highly flexible - Requires Firing in ceramic kiln at 980-1059 C or 1800-1925 F

This item is CLICK N COLLECT only, you may purchase online but due to the weight of it you must collect in-store