Waxed Classic Polyester Braid

Waxed Classic Polyester Braid - Hands Craft Store
Price: $130.00

Classic Polyester Braid is a high tenacity waxed polyester braid for hand sewing of soles and leather goods. The high wax content in the braid offers excellent performance on every hand sewing operation. The special waxing and stabilisation process offers very low stretch characteristics which facilitates very tight seams and fastening of knots.
It's recommended for hand sewing and lacing of moccasin uppers and leather goods as well as for thick, hard and difficult materials.
Main Uses
Hand sewing of soles, Leather goods, Belts, Suitcases, Saddlery,Furniture Upholstery Seat trims, Sails, Heavy seams on leather garments

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Fine, Thickness 1.00mm Length in the roll 500m $130.00

Medium, Thickness 1.2mm, Length on the roll 500m $145.00